And then there will be only one…option


Dear Partners in thought,

Ms May’s deal was crushingly voted down as an expected chapter of the Brexit choreography even if the EU tried to help the PM in her last ditch effort – also to show some goodwill and to deflect the blame that will doubtless come from many quarters in the UK in the future.

As Desperate Measures, anchored into rationality and away from “the sound and the fury” (which may be a clear advantage) stated numerous times, the Brexit process still follows a path that should result in the last option standing that will be a second referendum. This option will not only be natural as the people three years later should decide on the fate of Britain in Europe but is needed after so many erratic developments from its representatives and facts aplenty.

As stated and as Ms May did honour her pledges, the next steps will be a rejection by a large majority of the “No Deal” option, removing the darkest abyss, which will be followed by a likely extension of Article 50. The remaining question mark about the latter will be the length of that extension. It is clear that the EU will only grant it based on a “plan” from the UK (as President Macron already stated) and, very importantly,  enough time for all viable options to be considered including essentially a second referendum. It is also clear that the people’s voice will be heard in the end as the EU will not renegotiate anything with the UK at this point. Parliament will only be too happy for the people to vote again with a set of clear questions (like Ms. May’s defeated deal and Remain) and clearer facts at hand as it would not be able to gather any majority for the very few remaining options on its own. The British people will then decide their future, whatever it may be (you know my views), and there could not be a better option. In doing so the British national interest will also be firmly put ahead of partisan politics and personal careers, the latter that have so much hurt the Brexit process and liberal democracy.

Warmest regards,