The fate of Britain is being decided by a tiny and non-representative group of hardline activists


Dear Partners in thought,

Rather than a long note, I wanted you to think about the way Britain will choose its next prime minister as it is surrealistic. The Conservative party, whose leaders, among whom the Eurosceptic crusaders first, have taken Britain to the emotional road of Brexit oblivion against all facts – while killing the most reputable party of the last 100 years in European history – will now select the next Prime Minister of Britain. After the Tory MPs select the two top candidates, the Tory membership, a vast majority of them enjoying the prospect of a no deal Brexit – from a party having reached 10% at the last European parliamentary election – will likely send hard stance Boris Johnson to Number 10. While following a certain logic by way of a process, the fate of Britain will in effect be decided by hardline activists.

With all due respect, in another age the Bard would have said: “Something is rotten in the State of…Britain”.

There is today an urgent need – more than ever – for a general election and/or a second referendum. 

Warmest regards,