May 13th, 2019

Dear Partners in thought,

I wanted to tell you something that is quite key and is neither an Interlude nor a Book Note. I have decided after 33 years and nearly 5 months to retire from my professional advisory activities which for the last 15 years were mostly focused on fundraising for private equity funds globally. It took me some time to reach that point, always wanting to keep going but the blog and your support have made it naturally the path forward. On the good side, all these investors/limited partners will be rid of me.

I will not go into the investment sunset either as I will keep focusing on Toorbee, the mega trend Chinese tourism many of you know so we take it to the next steps (and I will forget what I wrote about those crazy IPO valuations of tech unicorns of course!). 
Again many thanks for your support. This blog exists because of you. 


Dec 3rd, 2018

Without stating the obvious, your replies to Book Notes and Interludes, if any, will be posted on the blog for all to see. Your general or specific comments using the Contact section on the blog will only be seen by me via the blog’s email system. Please kindly be succinct for the replies to Book Notes and Interludes, if any. I will always endeavour to respond depending on the volume level at hand. Many thanks for keeping any reply or comment naturally courteous so we stick to a much sought after civil exchange even if differences of opinion may at times exist.  

Nov 28, 2018

You may find a mix of English and American words when going through the book notes and interludes at times in the same piece. This is admittedly a Freudian slip showing that I feel Transatlantic at heart, happily not knowing on which side of the pond my mind resides.    

Nov 20, 2018

Book notes and interludes are very different in nature and indeed in length. Book notes are full discussions of a book that has a relation to international affairs given its topic and can be a work of non-fiction or a novel. During the course of the discussion of the book, I will provide my own views that reflect the ethos of Desperate Measures as indicated on the Desperate Measures homepage. While the subject matter and its relevance in terms of our Western values are serious matters, I will always try to adopt whenever possible a light tone, if only at times, as the staunch defence of Western liberal values can also be “fun” and should not be boring. Interludes will be shorter and crisper opinions on key current developments in world affairs. As such make sure you have time to read the book notes as they will not be indulgent of your time while interludes will hopefully be a quick breath of fresh Western liberal air, also with their requisite dose of wit and fun.


Nov 19, 2018

All book notes and Interludes posted on the blog before Dec, 2018 were sent to “Freedom & Fairness” an email group of 100 individuals, including friends and colleagues, from the worlds of business, private equity finance, government and media mostly in Europe and the US.

Nov 19, 2018

“Bad Blood” the book from John Carreyrou discussed on 19th July, 2018 was awarded the FT and McKinsey Prize for Business Book of the Year in November 2018.