April Fool’s Day thoughts


Dear Partners in thought,

Given April Fool’s Day I wanted to share with you some of the highly sensible predictions I thought we could have today (and could never be fake news of course):

  • Britain finally stays in the EU on better terms than before after a three year extension of Article 50 granted by Brussels against an immediate repudiation of the British parliamentary system 
  • Lib-Dems sweep to power in Britain in coalition with the Scottish National Party following a General election with the British Marxist party as sole opposition, the Conservative and Labour Parties numbering 17 seats and having to work together
  • Unknown Nevada politician Lucie Flores dumps Bernie Sanders, recants on her allegations against Joe Biden, who was always such a warm guy, and wholeheartedly joins his presidential ticket for 2020
  • MAGA-cap wearing and DC-visiting high school student loses his dual USD 250m lawsuit against the Washington Post and CNN and is forced to eat his beautiful hat in a Native-American reservation
  • Emmanuel Macron officially makes Saturday “Yellow Vest Day” and makes the yellow vest the mandatory dress code for all the weekly ministers’ councils as a way to convince demonstrators that policy should not be made in the street (dammit!)
  • Donald Trump finally decides not to represent himself in 2020 though strikes a deal with Mike Pence so Ivanka is on the ticket and Jared is finally White House Chief of staff 
  • China finally decides not to take Italy as part of its Belt and Road Initiative after spending too much time with Salvini and di Matteo who they nevertheless find “interesting people” as they regretfully conclude they really cannot digest all that pasta 

Warmest regards,


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