Desperate Measures

Newest Interludes and Book Notes:

Desperate Measures, which is focused on international affairs and the defence of Western liberal values, is also about stressing the old fashioned value of facts and respectful opinions in our troubled times and making people think more for themselves.

Desperate Measures projects a right-of-center secular viewpoint based on respectful social liberalism and free speech, internationalism and a rules-based order, supervised free markets, prosperity through free trade, wise fiscal management and a sound safety net, regulated and added value immigration, fight against climate change and the protection of the environment, strong collective defense and a benevolent America of old leading a unified Western world alongside a strong and thriving European Union.

Desperate Measures is driven by an adherence to Western liberal values that have shaped our world since 1945 in an opposition to an increasingly fashionable populism and its electorally-focused easy answers to complex issues. Overall Desperate Measures is a modest contribution to avoid a creeping repeat of the 1930s and to stick to old fashioned Western rational thinking to analyse the developments of our global world.

While Desperate Measures was born in response to the rise of populism in the West, it experienced a new life with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the “return of history” in the 21st century.