Why we should reject Brexit and Trump while doing something about the true roots of their common rise


Dear Partners in thought,

We are dealing with two disasters in the making for their own countries and the world: Brexit and Donald Trump. It is time to put a stop to them while focusing on the real reasons why they came to the fore. 
Brexit is the most self-inflicted blow in British history, dividing a great nation, lowering its long-held position in the world, drastically hurting its citizens economically in the near- and long-term, including mostly those who voted for Leave in the Midlands, Northern England and Wales, while seeding the end of the United Kingdom with Scotland and Northern Ireland being leavers on their own. When we hear that too many delays should dictate an end to this saga, the point is lost. If Boris Johnson’s deal is finally approved in Parliament, it should be accompanied by an amendement that a confirmatory referendum be held both on the deal itself and the option of remaining in the European Union. In the end, a referendum, while contentious, would indeed be the least bad option and would give the people a voice based on facts as they are.

Donald Trump is an abomination for America and the world that was built on the sands of Normandy. Too many Republicans support him saying he is “a devil but he is our devil” (I am being polite here)  while some of my friends say that it is about “financial survival”, forgetting the principles and values that made America what it is and should be. Principals and values should not be compromised, all the more as we need a strong and leading America in an uncertain world. Trump’s foreign policy is another example of erratic behaviour that hurts the world, some of us very directly, not to mention allies like the Kurds. America is better than that and we need her more than ever so a vote for Trump in 2020 is not an option even with if a  “socialist” were his opponent as Trump II would carry the seeds of the end of America and the world we know, not to mention possibly unwarranted war.   

Let us realise that voters who made Trump and Brexit a reality (hopefully not yet for the latter) are so-called “left-outs” who felt that foreigners and globalisation were killing their national identities and blamed the out-of-touch elites and “experts” for their economic and social declines. The problem is not with foreigners or globalisation. The problem is with the widening wealth gap that our world has created, disenfranchising many people, while making the very rich even richer, while totally neglecting a huge segment of our populations. If we want to keep that great capitalism going, we need to take a serious look at how we create and manage wealth, starting with reasonable redistribution, avoiding insane tech listings and putting the value of hard work at the forefront of revenue creation, lest we want to implode as a Western society. 

Warmest regards,