Juan Gaido, the unifier of the West


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Juan Gaido is the new self-proclaimed President of Venezuela and the game changer who, with good tailwind and good fortune, may bring back Western liberal values to Venezuela after years of populist darkness. He is also the inadvertent unifier of the West as the US, Canada and the EU are today on the same side of the great divide. This is also a major and rare development in these troubled times, which is cause for celebration.

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2 thoughts on “Juan Gaido, the unifier of the West”

  1. A close friend of mine was in Venezuela early last year for a couple of months. She said that the situation there is truly dire. Hopefully this president, who seems open to accepting U.S. aid, can help improve the poverty seen in Venezuela.


  2. Quite right Serge, the previous two leaders had completely destroyed the country. I visited for work some years ago and the air was thick with poverty and the associated violence. Best S


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