The Queen must and will save British democracy


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The decision by Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament for five weeks at this juncture is clearly expedient in terms of getting his No Deal Brexit or whatever deal through. It also shows that Brexiteers, especially of the hard kind, who supposedly love “the will of the people” are ready to silence their representatives in what is an extreme populist, if not autocratic, move. Whatever we may think of the strange workings of the House of Commons, this decision sets a precedent not seen in modern British history and shows, in spite of some newspapers not wanting to see a tyrant, a move that, if it perdured, would blemish British democracy and its executive branch forever. Boris Johnson took a big gamble quite apart of a no confidence vote he will likely face. He has likely ensured that the Queen will stop that dangerous process and save democracy, strengthening one more time British monarchy and the Windsor family which often rise to be the best at the worst times in British history. The alliance of Buckingham Palace and the Mother of Parliaments will prevail and be an example, for Britain and the Western world not to mention the world at large.  

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  1. And one more Side Note: Boris did not even have the grace/courtesy to ask the Queen personally to do this nefarious deed, He sent his underlings. A vote of no confidence is the least he will receive.


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