Joe is the man with the right message and mission – for America and our world


Dear Partners in thought,

The news of Joe Biden’s demise after the first Democratic primary debate and his “time being up” (in his own words) were very premature – as I told you then.  I still think that Joe, barring a round of mega-gaffes, will get the nomination and polls seem to go this way.  It is a simple Cartesian thing regardless of the reasons for the media to make the process more exciting. Radicals simply can’t make it based on the fact that moderates are the clear majority of Democratic primary voters. Sanders and Warren both at 15-16% are well behind Joe at 30% and can certainly count on vocal activists but that wing is less 15-20% of the Dems on a good day…And Harris as she spoke more and was propelled in the limelight strangely went back where she was at about 5% showing that she needs to wait her time. I hope she gets warmer to Joe for the ticket I think they should build based on the perfect mix they represent at all levels. As for Mayor Pete, the other rising star we got to know more, he will be the man for 2024 or 2028. Lastly I think Joe’s new ad move to say that the Dem focus should squarely be “to beat Trump” and “restore our values” – forget about those radical programs – is very smart and what I would have advised him to go for. Joe should also state early on to artfully deflect the age factor that he will fulfil his core mission for one term only, hence the critical running mate selection. Politics is not rocket science and it is high time for America and the world to have a safe pair of hands with restored values we have always shared to shine on that “city on the hill”.  

Warmest regards,