When the Brexit tide is finally turning for “good”


Dear Partners in thought,

You will remember that once I gave you my likely step-by-step scenario on the Brexit process back on 18th January I decided not to post anything more on the subject given the sensitivities involved and the personal relationships at stake (as I have so many dear Tory Brexit friends I enjoy lunching with!).

However it is worth stressing the importance of Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to back a second referendum and the shadow foreign secretary adding that Labour would back a Remain vote. This decision was doubtless prompted by the courageous and far-sighted Labour defectors (joined by the three lady Tory MPs) who created a shock to the system well beyond their sheer number with their Independent Group (Britain would do well to put them at the pantheon of those patriots who chose national interest before party interest). 

While there is always the issue of arithmetics involved with getting a Parliamentary vote backing a second referendum at least on paper, I would wager that there will be enough MPs on both sides, still formally undeclared, who will make the people’s vote happen as it is the only rational way forward. The next step will be very shortly to see the No Deal option killed by Parliament and the Article 50 extended, something that even Theresa May was already somehow preparing her troops for before the last bombshell, all while still strangely sticking to her odd “No Deal or My Deal” mantra with her five minute before midnight tactics. 

I wanted to add this short Interlude not to rejoice in an “I told you so” mode even when it was becoming fashionable (as well as prudent or even boastful for some) to prepare for a No Deal outcome and its abyss, but as I felt happy that Britain might start eventually to regain it full senses and think at long last in terms of its national interests away from passion and fury. Again a second referendum may not change the outcome of June 2016 though very likely would, for the benefits of Britain, Europe and the world.

Warmest regards,