Waking up from the Brexit nightmare


Dear Partners in thought,

While being-non British and would have been Remainer, it is a deeply heart-breaking experience to see the unfolding of the current cabinet and parliamentary process regarding the British approval of the Brexit deal with the EU. It looks like straight from a parallel world with a “dead on arrival” deal and its cohort of micro-tragedies put forward that gets support neither from the Leavers nor from the Brexiters. It is hard not to admire the Churchillian resilience of the PM even if it is clear the deal would leave the UK leaving the EU worse off and the odds are that she will not politically survive, leaving many new avenues ranging from a leadership contest to a general election. It is clear that the hyper-sensitive rationale for a second referendum that would ask the right questions and be based on facts rather than promises is strengthened whatever the strong emotions at stake. The democratic will of the people should indeed be respected although as much as their right to review two and half years later such a controversial move that will impact generations to come, at a time when facts are better known and when the mood of the British public has indeed changed. As a staunch promoter of the EU and regardless of any final outcome, I can only wish my friends in Britain, a country that I know and admire, to find the right and peaceful way forward for them as we also need to work well together… as Europeans.
Warmest regards,
Serge Desprat – 15th November, 2018 (Prague)