And what if Ms. May were after all… the new Machiavelli of our times


Dear Partners in thought,

Even though we should laud the sincere efforts to craft a partnership post-Brexit, why is that the UK and the EU are on the path to signing a deal that both know will not have the British Parliamentary votes on 10th or 11th of December as if avoiding a reality check? What if Ms. May, an erstwhile mild Remainer, were not actually and self-sacrificially exhausting all avenues so a second referendum, which might have been gradually and logically her secret, never admissible objective and would meet a very understanding EU, be indeed the only way out short of a no deal abyss nobody wants? Even if the unlikely fruit of changing circumstances, there could not have been a craftier plan as “The Prince” from Florence would agree. 

Warmest regards,

Serge Desprat- 24 Nov, 2018 (Prague)