Maybe the EU should run the UK directly after all…


Dear Partners in thought,

It is hard not to find the EU’s latest stance in relation to the Brexit process and Article 50 extension very crafty and productive. The EU has given Ms. May an extension until May 22 to pass the necessary legislation if she first could pass “her deal” and then, if not, alternatively offered a two week extension until April 12 so MPs could have another go at a new plan (which could include “Norway”, a permanent customs union or a second referendum) following which, if a majority could be found for an option, then the EU would grant enough time to put the voted plan in motion. This is a master stroke as it kills Ms. May’s new, last minute volte face blackmail version of “pass my deal (for the third time) or get “No Deal” with the high likelihood that her deal will be voted down (still assuming a third vote is allowed by Parliamentary rules) and puts Parliament in front of its responsibilities while  deflecting any blame for the abyss that could be addressed to the EU itself. All in all, while the EU is understandably preserving its core interests, it could not have acted in a way that would be better for the British people.

If one were facetious, one could be almost forgiven for wondering if the UK should not be better off being run by Bruxelles…This could even be a question on a future referendum…I would never dare saying this of course.

Warmest regards,