The Mueller Report is the wrong tree hiding the (de)forest(ation)


Dear Partners in thought,

Having not commented on Donald Trump for some time, I am very grateful for Robert Mueller finally sending his Report to the Attorney General of the U.S.  who will then send his summary to Congressional Leaders (which the public will likely see), thus giving me a great opportunity.

It would appear that there is no more indictments coming up Robert Mueller’s way so we will be left with the judicial developments we already know regarding Flynn, Cohen, Manafort and a host of minor cogs in the Trump campaign wheel. It is clear that the word “victory’ can be heard from the White House and that the President, Donald Trump Jr. , Jared Kushner and Fox News must be rejoicing as we speak, which is perfectly natural. On the plus side, many will feel to be off the hook on the matter of Russian collusion even if much time will be spent on analysing the full report. On the minus side, the “victimisation” effect that could have help strengthening the resolve of DT’s core support base will not be there. The Special Investigation may end up having been much noise for not much in the end in terms of the main target of the investigation known as “Individual 1”. However it is also a blessing in disguise as there was little leeway to indict a sitting President and certainly no super-majority in Congress (or simply Senate) for impeachment, which would have resulted in a protracted and useless acrimonious debate that would never have led to DT’s removal however some of the Democrats might have wanted it. Nancy Pelosi never seemed gung ho, with reason, for any impeachment process on this very matter of Russian collusion given the odds and the need to focus on what mattered: the 2020 election process and the real issues with DT as President of the U.S.

The Mueller Report, whatever its final contents, is not the right path to change U.S. executive governance. The real issues with DT are multiple and can be found in his appalling Presidential style and role model, demeaning of American values and destruction of free trade and the Western Alliance, all while being out of touch with our times at so many levels like on Climate Change. His redeeming feature of being President in good economic times should not hide the real issues that sow the economic, cultural and political decline of America and the West in the medium term. All the more as the current economic strength of America is more seen in feel-good aggregate numbers with many Americans not feeling the trickling down effect as witnessed with the disappointing tax refunds or the actual increase in their material well being.

The focus should not be on the Mueller Report but on the ballot box. Democrats (and moderate Republicans) should be careful and spend more time lining up contenders and tickets who can in the end win nationally in 2020, reflecting what America really is.

Warmest regards