When we can say we are all Americans


Dear Partners in thought,

We live in a world when most of us do not face evil. We live in a world of social media and what is supposedly best for us (well, not me, given my low tech mantra). Yet there are terrible evils, killing people in medieval ways under the belief that they have a greater agenda, usually combining religion and a redress of history. They are backward, uneducated people who lined up the worst chapters of our world history, perverting the message of their own, good religions and should be thrown to the wolves. 

Last weekend a team of U.S. special forces took out the leader of ISIS that I will not honour by naming him. He died by blowing himself up while killing his three children. This man was true evil, to a point rarely known in our times and his demise was just. That his remains were thrown at sea shows how gentle we are. His demise will not put a stop to religious fundamentalism and its associated terror but is a useful reminder that evil can and should be stopped, even in our dire political times in the West. It is also a reminder that we should not surrender and fight for our values with the appropriate resolve and strength.

It is a time to congratulate the U.S. President, whoever he is and whatever his style, strategic geopolitical blunders and loose commentaries about the operation. This success will not change the fact he should not run the shiny city on the hill. However it is a time to come together. We should also come together regardless of our religions and beliefs while rejecting those that see Islam, a peaceful religion, as evil because of Islamic fundamentalism and its terrorist cohorts. We can only defeat evil by being truly together. 

America, through its warriors, has reminded us of times we longed for and why we should never lose hope in the great country that built the West and the values we knew.

We can say we are all Americans – this week, for sure.  

Warmest regards,